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MASA has the widest range of configurable building maintenance units (BMU's) built on innovative solutions, proven technologies which provide exceptional performanceLeveraging our wealth of

experience in designing integrated solutions for the world’s tallest and most complex structures, designed specifically for use on buildings with façades of high to very high complexity. Imagination and Creativity: Every building has a unique set of features and requirements which require creative, cost-effective solutions. Systems Integration: We work with our clients and leading consultants to integrate the BMU system into the structure with minimal disruption to the architectural form of the building, as well as making sure we achieve access to all facade surfaces. Quality and Service: Designed, manufactured and maintained to the most stringent quality standards, our machines are built to last like the buildings they inhabit.


Fall Arrest System is one of the most important aspects of workplace safety. Yourself must follow, when it comes to

falls, you are responsible for reducing the dangerous slips and falls that can lead to injury. MASA focused on the fall protection needs of its customers. MASA design & supply permanent Fall Arrest system. Diversified MASA’s engineering professionals specialize in a broad range of Fall Arrest System designed to save lives. Our experts design and engineer solutions that work for your business, facility, and budget starting from the ground up. Additionally, our commitment to fall safety education means we provide the training of an effective fall safety program. MASA supply wide range of products fall arrest system products available.


MASA does annual/visual, and continuous inspections, as well as load testing of building maintenance equipment. We typically work with

with organizations who want to ensure their building maintenance equipment is being inspected by professionals who know what they are doing. Why is maintenance: proven to be a key factor in extending equipment life, to keep the machine in the regulation of safety as per standards. In order to achieve above Aspects of maintenance on BMU Equipment, includes:
•Scheduled preventive maintenance.
•Regular checkups and diagnostics.
•Emergency repairs.
•A dedicated workforce of skilled, certified
•Documentation and process development.
In addition, a comprehensive annual maintenance contract can, training of the existing workforce, safety training, operating procedure implementation and more.


MASA has any temporary access solution, such as cradles, hoists, mast climbers, or

any Access Platforms can be configured into various sizes and shaped to suit the client’s requirements With decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing, MASA’s group of experienced engineers and project managers can consistently produce portable, flexible and innovative temporary access solutions without compromising on safety and standards. MASA temporary access equipment is commonly used all over KSA for building maintenance, restoration, construction, power generation and industrial projects


MASA is a specialized in a wide variety of professional Façade cleaning services. MASA has high-level experts who work at heights with high and low-pressure clean hard surfaces, we really do have a solution for any cleaning challenge.

Our external cleaning services can be tailored and modified to fit the specific needs of your unique commercial property. Our skilled technicians operate on a flexible basis, We have been offering cleaning services to commercial clients in KSA. We have established ourselves as one of the most well-known, skilled, and consistent cleaning contractors in the market. We conduct training regularly for our team, keeping them up to date with the latest techniques and cleaning chemicals, safety standards and best practice guidelines. We make the safety of our team and your workplace our highest priority and ensure everything we do is in line with standard guidelines. Our glass cleaners, for instance, are furnished with complete rope access kits consisting of grip descender, fall arrester, carabineers, body harness and heavy-duty rope. Every piece of equipment is tested and certified according to Standard